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  • How much can i paint with a standard candy set?
    Unfortunately, the quantity the manufacturer supplies is rather less than more and, in my trials, however, i have been able to spray a tank and two side covers of K2 and K3 comfortably with a standard Candy set. More parts more Paint! It's best to buy more and have leftovers than not have enough and run out before the job is finished!!
  • How much can i paint with Non-candy Metallic colors such as Planet Blue metallic or Brier Brown?
    Non-Candy Colors come in a single can and are ready to spray. Again, depending on the model you get away with a single can for Tank and Two side covers but i recommend to double up on K1 models with Tank, side covers, headlight bucket and fork ears.
  • What gun should i use?
    I recommend using a good quality gun with good atomization with a 1.2 sized nozzle. At 35-40 psi i have had excellent results with iwata 300.
  • How do i clean my equipment?
    Use Acetone to clean all your equipment
  • How long is the window for the paint to be sprayable?
    I don't have an exact time but the paint will stay liquid and sprayable for a long time and you don't need to rush to finish your project.
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