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When parts are prepped and primed stage them securely in your paint booth. Here, clean and wipe them with Wax & Grease remover.

Mix your paint: The Base coat marked “Vorlack” mixes most times 15:1 with provided Hardener but it will always say on the bottle. The way to do this best is to weigh the desired amount of paint in a separate cup and divide by 15. This will give you the amount of Hardener to be added. An inexpensive electronic household scale will do. I prefer to use grams because it will give you a number without decimal point. Example: weigh 150 grams of paint divide by 15 equals 10. Press the Tare button on your scale to reset to zero and pour hardener into your paint until the scale reaches 10 grams.

The same goes for the Candy. Only that the mix ratio which can be found on the front label in most cases is 5:1 and apply same principals of adding hardener as described above.

Before painting wipe one more time with tack cloth to make sure there aren’t any unwanted dust particles on surface.

Spray the Base coat (“Vorlack”) first in a thin coat working your way from one side to the other and back until total coverage is achieved. Spray a second medium wet coat after a few minutes flash time. Let sit for 90 minutes.

After 90 minutes your pieces are ready for the Candy coat. The Candy paint is a little more difficult to apply and some practice and experience is recommended. The Candy color is basically a tinted Clear and changes from light to dark by the amount you apply. The more coats you put on, the darker the tint will be. It is important that you spray evenly across your piece and don’t hold your spray gun over one area too long accidentally because that area will get darker than the rest of the piece. 

When spraying Candy move your spray gun from left to right starting at the bottom of the piece and move up across the object section wise. I found repeating this twice is sufficient to reach satisfactory coverage and tone. Let dry for 90 minutes

After another 90 minutes your piece is ready for Clear. Apply the clear first with a thin tack coat and wait a couple of minutes. Then apply second coat slightly wetter. Wait a few more minutes then apply last coat good and wet until the desired gloss is achieved. I recommend doing it this way so the clear doesn’t run.\

Decals: If your piece requires the application of decals, I recommend first spraying a couple of thin layers of clear over your finished paint job and let sit overnight (this serves to protect your Candy in case something goes wrong with your decals later) Come back and wet sand with 1500 grit and then apply the decals. Let your piece sit at least 24 but better 48 hours to make sure all moisture has escaped from your decals.

Last step is to apply another two good coats of Clear. Spray some clear over your decals first, especially over the edges and let sit for a few minutes and then spray the entire piece evenly like described above.   Let completely dry at least 24 hours. If the piece looks good you are done here. If there are imperfections or dust particles that settled on your piece you can wet sand with 1500,3000 and finally 5000 grit and then polish your piece to get rid of these imperfections. Clean Gun with Acetone
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